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Step into Postnatal Work...with me!

If you’re looking for courses to enrich your postnatal knowledge or if you’re new to this game and want to start a new career supporting people in life after birth, I’ve got just the thing for you!


Option one: The Postnatal Refresher

You’re a birthworker who already supports women and birthing people in preparing for birth. You are an antenatal educator, birth doula or hypnobirthing practitioner. Your antenatal knowledge is so tight – you’ve totally got it down!

BUT when it comes to postnatal, you’re not quite as confident. You’re looking for a space to explore the most common issues women and birthing people face after labour and birth and the knowledge of newborn life to share with your clients.

The Postnatal Refresher was created especially for YOU! It’s a 3.5 hour workshop that whisks through all of these points. You’ll come away with facts and knowledge to share with your clients and have space to think about how you will incorporate this info into your current offerings (or create something new!)

Sounds good, right? Here's the need to know stuff...

The Refresher is £150 and there are payment plans so you can spread out the payments. If this sounds like your kind of jam, then you can find out more about the dates for 2022 and how to book right here.


Option two: The Postnatal Doula Academy

If you’re feeling drawn to supporting women and birthing people in the weeks and months after birth, and are looking from a training course that is comprehensive, that’ll support both your postnatal knowledge and skills AND the rollercoaster ride that is being self employed and CEO/Chief Financial officer/Marketing guru etc then The Postnatal Doula Academy is what you need.

I’ve shaped this course based on personal experiences and those from other doulas, who often felt like they needed as much support and training about the business side of things as they did about how to be a bloody brilliant postnatal doula. The Academy is made up of 5 elements:

  1. The Foundation Weekend This is a weekend of online, real-time training with me. Over the course of the weekend you’ll learn the key knowledge and skills. You’ll also spend time with your fellow doula students, reflecting on what it means to be a doula and the essential business knowledge you need to get started.

  2. Monthly workshops Once you’ve competed the foundation weekend, you get access to monthly workshops which will feature experts in the postnatal and business worlds. Workshops will cover topics like tongue-tie, nutrition, marketing and legal. All of this supports your ongoing learning and growth as a Postnatal Doula.

  3. The Postnatal Doula Academy Community You’ll be part of a thriving community of Postnatal Doulas, sharing wins and reaching out for support when you need it. A Facebook group is the main way you’ll stay in touch with the rest of the Academy community.

  4. Mandatory courses When you sign up to the Academy, you agree that you will be inclusive in your practice and conscious of the diverse range of families and their cultures. In order to grow and learn, there will be a series of mandatory courses led by incredible people who are experts in their field. The courses are birth inclusivity, bias awareness and cultural awareness.

  5. Mentoring Once you’ve completed your training, you are a fully-fledged, bona fide Postnatal Doula. You won’t need to identify as ‘mentored’ or anything that insinuates that. However, it is important to recognise that some doulas value space to learn from more experienced doulas and chat through their development with someone else. If that’s you, I got you! Through the Academy, you will be able to access mentoring with experienced Postnatal Doulas. They will be hand-picked by me, so expect them to be *chefs kiss*.

So, which training course is for you?

Is it the Refresher? The Academy?

Eeeek! I get so excited when I think about these two offerings and how incredible they are. I’m excited to meet you at either one. If you need to chat things through with me, no worries! I absolutely LOVE chatting about either of them, so just book a free 30 min zoom call and I’ll speak to you soon!


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