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You’re about to become the parent of a newborn – congratulations!


Giving birth is a life-changing, seismic shift in a your life as you become become a mother or parent and as get to know your little one.
Parenting can be so joyful, loving and tender. It can also be incredibly hard at times. 
You need caring for, in the same way you care for your baby and respond to their needs.

Hiring a Postnatal Doula can enable you to be cared for, supported and nourished. You will have an extra pair of hands to help with things like housework, cooking and holding your baby so that you have time to yourself. 


Hi, I'm Grace,

The Postnatal Doula

I work with families in the fourth trimester (the first 12 weeks after birth) to lean into postpartum life and to have the best start to life with their baby. 

I’ve been caring for families in Devon since 2018, covering Exeter, Torbay and South Hams.


The Support You Need

Having a calm, reassuring presence alongside you in the days and weeks after the birth of your child.

Preparing for your feeding journey with your baby and providing feeding support once they’re here.

If you need help processing difficult emotions or experiences during your labour birth, I can help with that.

If you’re also called to be a Postnatal Doula, join The Postnatal Doula Academy

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Sleeping Baby

What Parents Say

“We decided to invest in some virtual postnatal doula sessions with Grace for after the birth of our second child to provide the support we felt we didn’t have after the birth of our first son.

Grace was fabulous, supportive, encouraging, reassuring; our personal cheerleader, shoulder to cry on  and an ally when we needed it.

I chatted with Grace weekly, and had many (many) Whatsapp chats too. In our chats we’d discuss what was happening with me, baby and my toddler. These sessions gave me time to check in with myself, process how I was feeling and get things off my chest, as well as think about how to move through tricky moments and celebrate the wins!

Grace also offered practical signposting support when needed. When we were struggling with feeding Grace sent details of local lactation consultants so we didn’t have too for example, taking the weight off our shoulders.

Grace was always there when I needed, and we also did some relaxation sessions too, which really helped with settling into feeding, bonding with baby and chilling out.

I’d completely recommend investing in Grace’s expertise and experience. Knowing you’ve got someone unbiased and knowledgeable to discuss things with provided a safety net for those first tumultuous weeks.”

Tacita, Cambridge

"I am so thankful that Grace was part of my journey into motherhood.  Her practical support truly made a huge difference... Grace's approachable and easy manner made conversation effortless - a near miracle when in the midst of the newborn haze!  The thing I am most thankful for though, is that Grace gave me confidence in my ability as a new mum... By reminding me that I knew Robyn the best, she helped me to believe in my mother's intuition, which undoubtedly has stuck with me ever since."

Sian, Totnes

"Grace was able to provide friendship, support and reassurance... she was able to lift my spirits and motivate me to care for my child the way I wanted to... She helped with practical breastfeeding advice and gave me support... to prioritise self care. Grace cooked many meals, washed clothes, brought cake, generally tidied around... Grace is full of energy and has a great sense of humour and a great deal of patience.... truly understood the struggle of a first time mother and the guilt and doubt that I felt I knew was normal and I wasn’t alone. Grace had my best interests at heart always."

Lorna, Modbury

"Grace was a calm and caring companion at a time when life had got very busy again following the arrival of my second baby. She was a tremendous support in general, but specifically in relation to breastfeeding support. Grace was quick to respond to my questions and signpost me to a plethora of useful resources. It’s lovely to have that additional support championing you.”

Emma, Exeter


The Postnatal Doula | Devon | England

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