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Grace Williams


The Postnatal Doula

Hi! I'm Grace - I live in Teignbridge, Devon with my husband, our three daughters, Roxy the rescue dog and two guinea pigs. 

I've been working with families in life after birth since 2018, when I trained with Younique Postnatal to become a Postnatal Doula. Since then I have been a member of with Badass Births and now The Birth Uprising Academy.


In 2022 I founded The Fourth Trimester Postpartum CIC, a social enterprise to support postpartum families as well as training people to support families in their postpartum period as Postpartum Doulas.  

We moved to Devon over ten years ago to live life by the sea. I am an avid sea glass collector, I love to dabble in crochet and you can almost always find me thinking about food.


We’re also a veggie/vegan family and have been since 2018. I love how nutritious and healing plant-based food is. It’s also delicious! I am excited to share some of my favourite recipes with you when I provide you with meals in your home.

My Postpartum Stories

All 3 of the experiences below have been away from 'home' after we moved to Devon in 2011. They have fundamentally shaped my passion to support others in postpartum and have led me to where I am today.


2013: I gave birth to our first daughter in a local midwife-led unit and made a relatively smooth transition into Motherhood. We did all the things we felt we 'should' do as new parents (encourage her to sleep through the night as early as possible, wean off breast milk at 6 months, have lots of visitors immediately after birth).


2015: I had a wonderful home water birth for our second daughter. This time around, I really struggled with Motherhood and often felt extremely lonely and isolated, even though I had the unfaltering support of my husband and friends around me.​

2019: I had another wonderful home birth and completed our family with another baby girl. I gifted myself a slow recovery. I observed a slow pace of life for 12 weeks after birth, nested down with my baby girl, ate delicious and nourishing food and kept visitors to a bare minimum. This gave me the best start to Mothering a third time round than I could have wished for. I felt rested, content, happy and myself.


As a Postnatal Doula, I provide love and support. I am part of the village of people supporting a Mother or Birthing Person alongside a partner, family, friends, Health Care Professionals, Doulas, Complementary Therapists etc.


I visit you in your home, providing practical and emotional support. Some of the things I can provide include:

  • A listening ear to discuss your birth experience and any parenting issues,

  • Helping you settle into life with a newborn,

  • Cooking nutritious plant-based meals for you to nourish and heal,

  • Wash and sort the laundry, load and empty the dishwasher, do light housework,

  • Know who to go to for expert advice and guidance in relation to you and your baby,

  • Wear your baby in a wrap whilst you get time to shower, nap, or drink a hot cup of tea.

In 2018 I trained with Younique Postnatal and became a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter with Healthy Babies UK.


I joined Badass Birth in 2020 and became a Three Step Rewind Birth Trauma Practitioner. I'm currently completing my Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner training too.

My Ethos

When it comes to Pregnancy and Parenthood, I believe that Women and Birthing People have the following rights...

Have the right to a positive start to their journey into Parenthood

Are worthy of the love and support that they need

Are incredibly strong, but not invincible

Know how to best care for their baby

Are not valued by modern society

Can benefit hugely from breast and chestfeeding, the right support can get both parent and baby off to a great start

Should invest in their own mental and physical wellbeing instead of buying the latest baby tech or accessories

Can be freed of the weight of parenting a newborn by allowing someone in to support them in their most vulnerable moments

Can be sustained by nutritious plant based food

Find comfort and happiness in a warm cup of tea 

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