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Devon, UK | | @the.postnatal.doula

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Can you tell me the dates for the Academy in 2022?
There are two intakes for 2022, 17th – 20th June and 4th – 7 November. You can apply for either intake and begin your payment plan straight away.


I have questions and I’d love to talk in person!
Brilliant! I love to chat. Book a free 30 minute call with me here.


How much does it cost? Are there payment plans?
The Postnatal Doula Academy costs £975. There are two payment plans:
Payment option 2: £300 deposit followed by 4x £168.75
Payment option 3: £275 deposit followed by 7x £100

Why do I have to complete an application form?
I love finding out more about you, and I want to make sure that the Academy is right for you. It’s important that the Academy is a safe, inclusive and supportive environment for all and the application form is one way in which I can make sure of that.


What happens at the foundation weekend?
Friday: Spend time getting to know others and reflecting on who you are and what brought you to the Academy. Begin to explore what Postnatal Doulaing is (and isn't!)
Saturday: Deep dive into what it means to be a Postnatal Doula, why we're needed now more than ever and the essential skills and knowledge it takes to be a kickass Postnatal Doula.
Sunday: Continue to learn the essential skills and knowledge for Postnatal Doula life. Focus on the foundations of running your own business and the mindset needed to enable you to be a successful business owner. 
Monday: Reflect on what you've learned over the two days and look ahead to starting your Doula journey.  

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